UAS Video Transmission via 4G / 5G

Portable UAS video transmitter

Our portable UAS video transmission solution allows UAS/drone teams to transmit drone videofeeds to controlrooms & mobile teams.

It uses the cellular network and supports public & private 4G networks and is easy to operate.

Tactical multi source video surveillance case

Our UAS video streaming case with multiple video inputs, used for quick deployment, UAS video transmission combined with surveillance cameras.

4G/5G 4K & Full HD video transmission backpack

4K & Full HD UAS video transmission solution with HDMI & SDI inputs

  • Decode point for TVU live transmitters including TVU One and TVU Anywhere, providing complete control and monitoring of live transmissions
  • Adjust bit-rate on the fl­y without having to stop a transmission.
  • Live video can optionally be encoded into IP format and can be sent to up to six different remote locations. Supports up to 6 independent IP output encodings including RTMP(S), HLS, UDP, SRT, RTSP, Zixi and more.
  • API compatibility
  • SMPTE 2110 support

All our streaming solutions are GDPR compliant and work independent from internal DJI streaming protocols.

This provides secure data connectivity and provides additional security.

There is also no need to provide cellular connectivity to the drone controller.