Ruggedized mobile computers

Tersec provides ruggedized mobile computer solutions from Sunit & Panasonic Toughbook. 


Sunit Computer Technologies is designed 100% by Sunit in Finland. It provides mission critical fixed and mobile computer solutions. 

Electronics that claim for long In-Field Lifetime in harsh-working environments require that it is designed by working conditions in edge.  

The Environmental conditions in Finland is excellent base to evaluate and test products. Sometimes it is minus 45 Celsius, sometime it heats up to plus 35.  

The customers of Sunit are in absolute front of efficient-thinking and are not afraid to call to participate on their working environments. This is an excellent base for QA/QC. 

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Sunit fixed ruggedized in-vehicle computers and tablets


Unrivalled performance for demanding applications 

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK has long led the way in rugged notebooks and tablets for truly mobile workers. The knowledge that stems from understanding customers’ needs, in terms of what they require from their devices, is evident in the new 10.1-inch G2mk2 and 12-inch 33mk3. Both feature market-leading performance and ruggedness, enhanced connectivity, and increased modularity. 

The G2mk2 and 33mk3 both utilise the 12th generation Intel® Core™ (Alder Lake) i5 processor range, with Intel vPro® Technology, helping to run the most demanding applications on Windows 11 Pro. 

Furthermore, Panasonic has equipped the latest TOUGHBOOK G2 and 33 with Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics technology. This enables users to access multiple applications simultaneously, even those that depend on superior computing performance, such as detailed mapping information.  

Markets for the Panasonic TOUGHBOOK are : emergency services, UAV operations, military, industry

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