GPS tracking

Tersec has a range of specialised GPS tracking solutions for law enforcement applications. We offer the Hiddentec portfolio that includes a wide range of covert and non covert solutions.  

At Tersec we have more than 15 years of experience with GPS tracking solutions and can offer you reliable and future proof tracking solutions.  All tracking equipment is compatible with the tersec tactical observation platform and Terra4D. 

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Hiddentec’s vehicle tracking devices are designed for either fixed-wired deployment, or for rapid deployment onto a target vehicle using powerful magnets. 

Owing to the high quality of Hiddentec’s hardware, and the security of data transmission; our vehicle trackers are in use at the highest levels of police, military, government and corporate entities around the world. 

A fixed-wired tracker is ideal for use within the vehicle of an executive or VIP, while a rapid deployment tracker is well suited to covert operations, and situations where speed of deployment and system autonomy are key factors. 

Hiddentec vehicle trackers are in use globally within law enforcement, military and government institutions. 

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For further information please send an E-mail to tdj@tersec.be