About us

Tersec was founded in 1999 and has focused on public safety solutions.  It started with the integration and deployment of the first high-end video-encoders for surveillance operations. 

This has been used for public safety, festivals and critical infrastructure projects. 

Later we also added GPS tracking solutions and mission critical GPS navigation solutions for emergency services to our portfolio. 

Tersec has also been a pioneer regarding secured UAS/drone video transmission solutions via a close partnership with the first officially recognised drone academy in Belgium as well as our public safety UAS customers. 

Since the world of technology is rapidly evolving & the number of data sources is ever increasing we offer the Terra4D command and control platform for superior situational awareness. 

By working closely together with industry leading partners and universities we can remain at the forefront of the technologies that we offer to our customers. 

Tom De Jaeger




Emmanuel Stijnen

Product manager / Software engineer