Tactical Observation Platform

Tersec developed it’s own software suite: the tactical observation platform.

Tactical Observation Platform 2
Camera feeds, own position (green), team member position (blue), target position (red) + dynamic guidance to target or team member

There is a mobile touch-screen based client application for in-vehicle usage.

System components:

The system allows to distribute imaging & positioning information to all members of the team.

Images can be transmitted from UAV video feed, digital SLR cameras, surveillance cameras, smartphone cameras… The image database is centralised so all members of the team will have access to an up-to-date database.

Positioning information from objects and/or team members is visible in realtime.

T.O.P. is fully integrated with Fast Protect’s Terra4D incident management platform for  command & control operations.

The system generates unrivalled situation awareness with increased efficiency during complex observation & surveillance operations.

Centralised communications, tracking and imaging server

Fully ruggedized mobile computer system for in-vehicle usage.