Our services

Tersec offers multiple services:

Emergency Services Solutions
  • Navigation systems specifically developed for emergency services : CityGIS Navigator
  • ABI-integration : More efficient performance on the spot due to realtime information: hydrants, intervention plans…
  • EDL-integration : The CityNavigator integrates realtim dynamic traffic-information
  • Show intervention vehicles that are also assigned to the active incident on the map
  • Teams can respond quicker, safer and more efficient
  • City surveillance
  • Temporary obeservation of mass events
  • Unmanned observation systems e.g. realtime thermal I/R
  • Mobile observation systems

The H.E.M.S. (M.U.G.) -helicopter of AZ Sint-Jan Hospital/I.M.D.H. in Bruges has a new GPS guidance system in use since august 2005. By sending the incident location wireless from the emergency center directly to the helicopter the pilot and his crew can pinpoint and find their locations faster.

This system is unique in Europe. As a result of it’s succes it was later emplemented in ambulances and firebrigade vehicles.


Navigation platforms specifically developed for emergency services.

For more information, visit our CityGIS navigator product page.

Digital Observation Platforms
Tersec can supply wireless digital observation systems for temporary events (Video surveillance rental solutions).
  • High-end digital observation platforms with integrated image analysis
  • Alert messages can be sent via TETRA, push notifications, SMS
  • Custom developments are available on demand

Crowd Management applications : Festivals, manifestations, …

  • Terra 3D incident management system @ Rock Werchter 2010 world premiere (check our highlights page “Werchter 2010 – Terra4D world premiere“)
  • Emergency services benifit from realtime situational awareness
  • Display realtime position of emergency personnel on the 3D representation of the festival area
  • Guide emergency personnel via TETRA terminal location interface protocol (L.I.P.) towards incident locations
  • Each video-pixel from a camera view generates a 3D GPS-coordinate (Lat-Lon-Height)

Mobile video observation systems ex. In-vehicle video recording- and transmission systems.

Advantages :

  • Low-latency
  • Miniature size
  • Includes bidirectional audio support
  • Includes GPS positioning of mobile units
  • Up to 4 hours runtime on internal battery – can be powered via external power source

Click here for more information about our Tactical Observion Platform (TOP).


Please contact Tersec Technologies for more information.

  • Observation systems federal & local police forces
  • H.E.M.S. (M.U.G.) helicopters AZ Sint-Jan Brugge & Bra-sur-Lienne.
  • Fire departments : Brussels, Antwerp, Knokke-Heist, Zele, Genk, …
  • Port of Zeebrugge – Digital observation platorm – 80 cameras
  • Festival Rock Werchter 2005 – 2010: solution provider of the high-end digital observation sytem
  • Festival Pukkelpop 2009 – 2010: solution provider of the high-end digital observation sytem
GPS Tracking Solutions

Tersec has a range of specialised GPS tracking solutions for law enforcement applications. 

We offer the Hiddentec portfolio that includes a wide range of covert and non covert solutions. 

All tracking equipment is compatible with the tersec tactical observation platform and Terra4D. 

Visit the Hiddentec website by clicking here.

Intelligence and Law Enforcement

We offer bespoke solutions for intelligence & law enforcement usage for covert surveillance operations as well as command & control ( C2 ) solutions. 

Please contact us for further information.


Tersec provides training services for : 

  • UAV video transmission solutions 
  • Video surveillance 
  • UAV training with our partner Noordzee Drones 
  • GPS tracking 
  • Terra4D 
System development and integration

Tersec has more than 15 years of experience in software development and systems integration. 

Integration examples : DJI SDK , Ideatec Go112 , Hikvision VMS SDK, Tetra radio interface, Victron… 

Please contact us for more information.

Cyber security analysis

Tersec provides cyber security analysis. 

Our trained ethical hacking specialists can provide cyber security support for IT infrastructure. We also provide cyber security testing services for UAS / drones. 

UAV Pilot Services

Tersec has 3 licensed UAS operators. Our pilots are EASA Open A1-A2-A3 and certified to fly in the EASA specific category. 

We can provide drone services for the following missions : photo – video , inspection, surveillance, photogrammetry, night flights.

We can also provide a live secured videofeed to customers by using our 4G/5G video transmission platform