Navigation platform for emergency services

CityGIS navigator is a specialised GPS navigation platform that includes a full GIS environment.  

This allows to save precious time to reach incident locations by using exact house number navigation and aerial photo layers. 

The Tersec-CityGIS integrations also allow to receive incident locations directly from the 112 centers and offers bidirectional status reporting based on Tetra and/or cellular communications. 

This can be installed as a fixed mobile PC setup inside of a vehicle. Police cars, fire brigade cars and emergency service cars and helicopters are equipped with this software.

The navigation platform consists of a multi-layer GIS. There are different types of layers that you can show on the screen.

There are a lot of customisations possible to meet the requirements of the customer. You can show the water network and hydrants, see an aerial view or a map view, show the house numbers, see the quay numbers in a port…

Some other features of the navigation platform: