Terra 4D


Terra 4D is a 3D incident management platform , developed by our partner FAST Systems, that correlates data sources resulting in an unrivalled situation awareness. This platform provides an excellent next-generation controlroom solution. 

Tersec is a distribution and integration partner from FAST Systems since 2005. 

Protect your people and assets with TERRA 4D.  

Integrating data from multiple sources, real time actionable intelligence gives you the edge, enhancing your vision and ability to make fast, critical decisions in complex situations.

Correlated geo-referenced safety and security data gives Command & Control Centres:


The latest AI techniques are used in processing massive amounts of information. TERRA 4D analyzes and correlates data from disparate systems, by time, geo-location and priority, facilitating incident detection, management and response. 

Simplified 3D geographic information is displayed of all real time system information from single, or multiple sites, providing an exceptional tool for quick, easy comprehension and fast, effective response. 

Terra 4D integrated solutions :

For further information you can visit the website of FAST Systems.

More information can also be found in the PDF documents which you can download by clicking the links below.